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About us

LOGIFLY - a system that includes full control of logistics flow management inside and outside the company.

Logifly controls the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic by using scoreboards, traffic lights, and scales, sending informational messages to all participants in the process, including drivers (e-mail, SMS messages). Entry control and an artificial intelligence algorithm completely redistribute delayed transport by estimating ramp occupancy and the type of output arriving. Integration of accounting, production and other systems with Logifly ensures automatic dissemination of information. The easy-to-use reservation system does not burden additional managers or carriers.
 One tool ensures smooth logistics process throughout the company.

LOGIFLY system


  • Transport order management
  • Vehicle search
  • Yard management
  • Reservation system and loading plan management
  • Automatic rescheduling of delayed transport
  • Warehouse process management
  • Contactless issuance of documents
  • Real-time tracking of incoming traffic



  • Car number plate recognition cameras
  • Security post firewalls
  • Traffic lights
  • Scales
  • Lightboards
  • RFID sensors
  • MOXA controllers

Why us?

  • Logistics flow management without human intervention (time and cost savings)
  • Digitized logistics processes (information dissemination and data storage)
  • Integration with other systems (no duplication)
  • Easy-to-use reservation system for both company employees and external carriers
  • Maximum focus on each process participant (trainings / consultations / feedback)


Logistic traffic

40% optimized car flow in warehouses, 40% more cargo is unloaded / loaded.

Clear loading queue and priorities, helps to avoid queues in the area and ensures fast and smooth transport distribution.



More attractive workplace, clearer and simpler process, less manual work, more space for process improvement.

Having a clear loading plan makes it easier to distribute jobs and divide people into shifts.

Information in real time

With the help of TV and billboards, the loading flow, sequence, car diversions are controlled.

Root cause analysis

A detailed analysis with an obligation for those responsible to indicate the reasons for deviating from the plan.

Frow control and automatic rescheduling

Automatic recognition and distribution of car numbers in the territory with the help of signs and traffic lights.

Rescheduling of delayed transport as soon as it arrives.

Information transfer to the driver on the display and via SMS.

Weight and quality control

Weighing of cars and weight control of incoming and outgoing products, generation of loading documents.
Bad raw materials quality are recorded and sent to the responsible persons with photos and other information.




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